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General Dentistry

ID Dental General & Family Dentistry

At ID Dental, we know that General Dentistry is a large subject to cover. However, we have broken it down into sections so that you can find information quickly and easily. Many topics have educational movies to provide further insight into the service you may be looking for.

While the list below is not comprehensive, we recommend that you contact us at (403) 263-3136 if there is a specific service you need that is not listed.

One of our primary services at ID Dental is Hygiene. With a qualified Hygiene Team in place, we are able to provide our downtown clients who are looking for fast and efficient service with the Hygienic care that they need in the short time they have available to them during their busy days.

Another primary service at ID is Restorative Dentistry. Here we are trying to restore form and function of the teeth, bite and smile. Of course there are many techniques and methods that can be used to accomplish these goals. Again, if a specific service is not listed, then please call us at (403) 263-3136 to inquire.

Are you experiencing pain in your you jaw or the muscles of you head and neck? You may be experiencing TMJ or Neuromuscular pain.

Are you experiencing pain in a tooth? You may feel you need a Root Canal. Then you may need what is called an Endodontic Treatment.

Sometimes the removal of a tooth (or several teeth) is the ideal treatment option. Significant decay can render the tooth (or teeth) unrestorable.

If you feel you require a service that is not listed above, then please call us at (403) 263-3136 and we will do our best to help you or refer you!